Vocal Coach

So you got the words down and are working on the melody.  All right. The exploration has just begun! Wendy will coach you through the process of making a song your own and how to delve deeply into the meaning of the lyrics as they relate to you and your experiences.  We will cover technical, physical and emotional aspects of singing.  Whether you are a brand new singer or have years on the stage; whether you wish to read music or audition with confidence; whether you are dealing with shyness, stage fright, or leading your band, Wendy will help you reach your individual goals and dreams.


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“Wendy makes the club seem like a big stage, and she makes the big stage feel like a one-on-one dialogue. Her voice, a beautiful human instrument, broadly represents jazz past, though it is uncompromising, unique and forward-reaching for the jazz present. Ms. Nottonson whispers, lilts, and roars her way through a diverse set of standards and pop tunes, all the while exchanging improvisational jabs with esteemed top-shelf sidemen.” ~Dr. Jonathan Lorentz, NH Jazz Presents