Piano Lessons


A comprehensive and fun approach!

 ????????????????????    I have been teaching piano for 13 years.  My teaching style is rooted in my own experience as a piano student, starting at the age of six.  My approach with each individual is unique as each student varies in their experience, skills, and musical talent, as well as their level of interest and motivation to practice. So I encourage each student to play music that they enjoy, that will be rewarding, and that will help them achieve realistic goals. Lessons include proper technique, note reading, rhythm and theory. My training includes classical, as well as pop and jazz styles. As a professional singer of 20 years, piano has always been the preferred tool for me to learn songs and create music “charts” for my accompanying musicians, who depend on them in their live performances.  Voice and piano are the two instruments that have brought me a life time of musical joy,  and it is this joy that I endeavor to share with all of my students.


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“Wendy makes the club seem like a big stage, and she makes the big stage feel like a one-on-one dialogue. Her voice, a beautiful human instrument, broadly represents jazz past, though it is uncompromising, unique and forward-reaching for the jazz present. Ms. Nottonson whispers, lilts, and roars her way through a diverse set of standards and pop tunes, all the while exchanging improvisational jabs with esteemed top-shelf sidemen.” ~Dr. Jonathan Lorentz, NH Jazz Presents